There are many household items that would be useful for making the Visual Arts program more diverse and ecologically responsible.
If you can provide any of the items from the list below, it would make a difference to your child's ability to look at every day products and transform them into something new. 
The most successful people are those that can think creatively in any situation.
Could you please save these items.
1. Offcuts of pine wood (not treated)
2. Karicare plastic lids from baby formula
3. Spray can lids (washed, see image 4)
4. Corks 
5. Buttons: especially ones with great textured patterns
6. Polystyrene meat trays
7. Metal lids from coffee/milo tins
8. Tissue boxes with great patterns
9. Pringle Chip containers (washed) (especially small ones for dispensing wool)
10. Empty tea light candles
11. Clear plastic take-away containers, round or rectangular (washed please)
12. Any old wooden sporting equipment (not broken) that we might be able to construct into a sculpture eg. Tennis racquets, cricket bats, hockey sticks, skis, table tennis bats etc
13. Any unwanted foam yoga mats
14. Beads (see image 2)
15. Lindor Ball chocolate boxes. The bases make great 3D frames (see image 3)
16. Clear plastic sheeting (see image 6) (Many toys etc come packaged with a clear plastic front. This plastic would be very useful for stained glass images.)
17. 1 litre milk cartons (cardboard type......washed please)
18. Flower boxes (see photo: the cardboard is solid and glossy)

All of these items either become a part of the art or they help to produce the art such as meat trays are good for paint trays. 
If you work for a company that throw items away that may be an interesting addition to the program, please send in a sample for us to see whether it could be put to better use than landfill.