We have been learning to recognise bright and dark colours. We have used only bright colours

  so that we can find our bags more easily. We have also practiced many different types of lines

 such as zig-zag, wavy, hilly, broken, straight, wiggly and spiral lines to add into our art work. The

 more we practice doing lines, the more interesting our art work will be and the better our

 handwriting will get. 




  We have used our past knowledge of line patterns and shapes to create our own
  hand design onto a Library bag. Our buddies in Grade 5/6 cut out our names using wall
  sticker so that we could temporarily stick them on to the bag and experiment with stencilling.
  We dotted, flicked and patterned etc around the letters to create white space. Each tulip 
  shows our knowledge of Primary and Secondary Colours eg. red + blue = purple, yellow + 
  blue = green, red + yellow = orange.
  We will add a little more art to the bag each year as a record of our increasing ability
  and creativity. It will be a lovely keepsake to have by the end of Grade Six.

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