The very first STEAM Fair by all accounts was a huge success. Not only for the students who gained insight into creating their interactive art, but also all those children and adults who came and         participated in the activities. This meant that everyone who visited the STEAM Fair had an integral part in creating the pieces of art. Here are all the 'before' and 'after' photos. Andrew Kasper  (Sculptor) and Denise Stach (Visual Arts Teacher) were hard at work trying all the Visual Arts activities.

                                                          Our STEAM experts giving insights into their work.                               Andrew and Denise visiting their first Visual Arts Interactive art.


  Take a Picture:  

Make-a-mosaic & Paint:  I learnt the way you have integrated Maths and Science to produce a piece of art work.  

Splat Booth:  I liked the idea and its very unique.  This is amazing!


  Name onto Colour Bubbles:  


    Rubber Band Art: I like that you can make something. It is so cool!! Very creative and clever use of materials.    
    Season Marble Run:  I learnt to try different strategies. Interesting to try, good concept!        

  Quotes For You:  Uplifting!!  Everyone should try it.


   SteamPunk:  Fun! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into your project.

   Marble Art:  I would rate this activity 9/10.  Nothing needs to be improved.  Congratulations to Lena and Charlie for being voted the Excellence Award by our two Visual Arts experts.
  Peel Off Mandala:                  
  Our Coloured Garden:  I love the idea of creating art collaboratively. What an amazing thing to be able to say so many people helped create a single piece of art. It's a nice way to show art  bringing people together! Great job girls!  Congratulations to Zoe and Phoebe for being voted the Excellence Award by our two Visual Arts experts.
  Don't Drink and Drive Box:  Looks great. Love the scene in the box. Also like the video, great music.

  Animal Draw: What a great idea! It's going to look great at the end!

  Up, Up and Away: