Year 3 & 4


   The students have worked hard throughout Term One and into Term Two creating their    Native American Totem Poles. One of the functions of this beautiful style of art is to tell    a story. The students have told a story about the animals that they love, feel connected
 with or are interested in for reason known and unknown. They have been challenged          working on a curved surface but the results are stunning. Ask your children what animals
  they love and why........their reasons are very interesting.
 The students have been excitedly working on their puppets for most of Term Three focussing  on facial expression, texture and creativity. In Term Four they will be collaborating in their  Performing Arts lessons to create and produce a play, involving different characters. 
 Puppets allow students to develop confidence in front of an audience and allow them to
 explore and create invented worlds.
 SketchbookX Digital Art on iPads
During Term Two the students have been hard at work learning a drawing App on their iPads called SketchbookX. It is a multi-layered
App which allows the children to focus on the different parts of the image such as background and foreground separately and then combine into one complete image. 
We learnt two different styles of digital art: triangulating an image which is very popular and on-trend at the moment and spray painting with a reverse background for constrast.  Using an iPad is just another form of Visual Arts which develops all the same type of skills such as colours, shape, balance, space etc.  Many famous artists are creating using the digital form such as David Hockney. Can you see the excellent monochromatic crocodile that has been triangulated and the beautifully spraypainted bulldog by Rochelle showing excellent contrast of colour.