Year 3 & 4

  NAME TAGS (used for photographing artworks during the year)
   The children have had to think about an aspect of their personality and link it to the
   first letter of their name. For example, Holly loves Pandas, so her 'H' is created with
   black and white patches and her 'L's are bamboo. Colour was carefully chosen to add
   to the story of themselves.
   At the top and bottom of the name tag, the students used simple patterns that they 
   learnt in Prep and made them into complex, zentangle patterns. The results are 
 The students were looking at the Artworks of famous Artist M C Escher and the techniques he used in his tessellations.
We had to use our Habit of Mind, Creating, Imagining and Innovating in order to create our images to tessellate. We used the element of line to create detail and texture. We used the principle of contrasting colour to make our images stand out from each other.
Where do you see tessellation in your everyday life?