Year 5 & 6

NAME TAGS (used for photographing artworks throughout the year)
   The Year 5 and 6 students have been learning the technique of calligraphy.
   Calligraphy is a Greek word meaning beautiful writing. It is a slow deliberately fancy 
   writing that we use for many differnt things such as cards, invitations, certificates,
   text etc which helps enhance the meaning of the text. For example, the opening scene 
   in Shrek shows the book 'Once Upon A Time' which is done using calligraphy and 
   decoration that indicates that the story is set in an olden day time. Have a look at the 
   fantastic results of the students first attempt at calligraphy. Well done!!

YouTube Video



The students used lines to create simple shapes in order to accurately draw their animal of choice. We looked at the use of actual versus implied lines which would determine how they would finalise the painting of  their portraits.
Many students enjoyed the new experience of using the table easels and learnt more skills and techniques with the brushes and paints.