Year 5 & 6

 At the beginning of each year, the grade 5/6 children are invited to draw portraits of new staff members. Each staff member chooses which portrait they would like to represent them based on 'Striving for Accuracy.' The children were given many tips about how to draw more realistically, looking at the very smallest of details.

  The students are learning about rotational symmetry through learning to cut mirror and    construct a kaleidoscope. This is a skill that can be transferred to cutting glass also. See our
 instructional video below.

YouTube Video

These bottles have been flattened inside a kiln and have provided a different experience for the students to work on. They experimented with geometric (maths) shapes versus freeform/organic (nature) shapes to create their abstract design. An abstract design is made up of the three elements of line shape and colour. The results have been quite stunning!!


 UMBRELLAS for the School Fete
 We learnt how to mix tertiary colours with food dye to create the background to our umbrellas. 
 A tertiary colour is one Primary colour mixed with one Secondary colour next to each other on 
 the colour wheel. If you mix colours that are opposite, you will create some sort of brown.
 The images utilised patterns such as repeating, alternating, regular progression and radial   patterns.  They will look stunning hanging around our school for the fete in November.

The students learnt how to safely cut mirror to create a kaleidoscope of their very own. They   replicated rotational symmetry to produce a piece of art to wrap around the outside of the kaleidoscope. This design featured geometric and freeform/organic shapes, to create a good contrast throughout with a great deal of persistence and patience.